Zoho CRM Releases Canvas: The First CRM Design Studio

Zoho Corporation has just released a groundbreaking update for their Zoho CRM platform that changes the way CRM users in different teams view their data: Canvas for Zoho CRM, a no-code, drag-and-drop design studio built into Zoho CRM. This marks a milestone for the software company, since Canvas is the first design studio in the […]

Zoho CRM Unveils Their Most Popular Integrations in 2020

One of Zoho CRM’s features is its ability to easily integrate with other sales tools, which is why they recently revealed a list of the most requested Zoho CRM integrations throughout last year. The integrations included in the list cover many bases like chats, SMS, social media, email marketing, ecommerce, cloud storage, and digital signatures. […]

Zoho CRM Hits Milestone of 500+ Extensions

Zoho Corporation has announced that Zoho Marketplace is now offering more than 500 plug-and-play extensions for their Zoho CRM software. According to the company, “the no-code, ready-to-use extensions” integrate and add functionalities that help salespeople to easily better their performance. Integrations for Zoho CRM are available for more than 10 categories like sales, customer service, […]

Zoho CRM Updates Requirements for Browser Versions

Zoho recently announced that they have upgraded the default internet browser versions needed to use Zoho CRM. This was done in order to make easier the usage of features like widgets and scripts, which are often implemented separately from advanced functionalities for many business requirements. According to Zoho, the latest browser update is aimed to […]

How to Give Zoho CRM Users Permission to Manage Tags?

If you have a user with a Standard profile in Zoho CRM, you may notice that they don’t have access to the (very useful) option Manage Tags. This can be found in a record’s List View, under the ellipsis [· · ·]. If you checkout the profile section, you’ll actually see that this profile is […]

InterConnecta Offers Zoho CRM Webinar Series

During April and May, InterConnecta conducted a series of four free live training webinars aimed at Zoho CRM administrators. As Zoho Premium Partners, our purpose was to use all our expertise and resources to help our attendees to succeed by maximizing the management and the potential of all the tools that Zoho CRM offers. Each […]

Zoho and Citrix Form Partnership to Launch Citrix Workspace

Zoho recently partnered with Citrix, the digital workspace platform, to launch a Citrix Workspace integration for Zoho CRM. In order to deliver focused experiences, Zoho CRM built eight microapps using Citrix’s low-code microapp builder to effectively manage primary customer relationship functions. The Zoho CRM microapps integration enables sales representatives to create and view accounts, contacts, […]

Interlinking Modules in Zoho CRM (Video Tutorial)

One of the many useful features from Zoho CRM is that modules can be interlinked in order to establish database relationships. This brief and on point video tutorial from Zoho shows you how to associate multiple look-up values to a record and establish a perfect many-to-many module association between two modules. This will help you […]

Zoho CRM is Named Best Overall CRM Software

Great news for Zoho! Business News Daily announced today that it has chosen Zoho CRM as the Best Overall CRM Software in the market. Zoho CRM stood out from other CRM systems, which has happened previously and as recently as last January when Zoho CRM got a recognition from Gartner. Business News Daily described Zoho […]

Zoho CRM Gets Lead Management Recognition From Gartner

Once again, Zoho scores another recognition from Gartner for one of its products. This time, Zoho CRM has been named a January 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for CRM Lead Management. In an announcement made by Gartner, the leading research and advisory company said the following: “The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice is a […]