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Why Businesses Choose Zoho Creator?

Effortless Deployment

Launch your apps easily in development, testing, or production. Deploy your app with one-click, based on its readiness. Also, all apps created on Zoho Creator are automatically accessible as native Android and iOS apps.

Easy App Distribution

Use integrated mobile distribution management (MDM) to effortlessly distribute your apps to all users —including customers and partners— across different operating systems.

Multideployment Options

Deploy your app on Zoho Cloud, public cloud services (such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud), or on-premise.

Uptime Reliability

Zoho Creator ensures 99.9% uptime, providing uninterrupted support for your critical business operations when you need them the most.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enable your employees to access the information they need while protecting your data. Benefit from role-based access controls and single sign-on (SSO) to enhance data protection.

Key Zoho Creator Features

Turn your ideas into apps, visually, in a single platform.

Multi-Device App Creator that Saves Time

  • Visual builders and drag and drop elements to accelerate development to build your app faster.
  • Native iOS and Android apps automatically created.
  • Distribute your app through Google Play, App Store, or any other MDM.
multi device app creator
integration center

Integration Creator

  • 600+ ready-to-use integrations such as Zoho apps, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, QuickBooks, Asana, Stripe, FreshBooks, and GitHub with zero backend configurations.
  • Create contextual workflows.
  • Get reports, records, emails, and more to move across your apps automatically.

Business Process Center

  • Blueprint builder allows to map out business processes: define different stages, establish accountability, set conditions, and automate actions.
  • Recommended for processes like order deliveries, appointment bookings, product procurements, and medical reimbursements.
Business Process Center

BI and Analytics Creator

  • Quickly create interactive reports and dashboards with drag and drop.
  • Connect to data sources like Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and APIs.
  • AI-powered instant answers and auto-generation of data visualizations.
  • Gain full control of your data with specific, criteria-based options.
  • Set up reporting portals for customers and vendors.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS.

AI Creator

  • Predict outcomes, client behavior, and supply demand.
  • Sentiment analysis to interpret feedback, reviews, surveys, and support tickets.
  • Official character recognition gets rid of data entry, transcriptions, and paperwork.
  • Keyword extraction converts text into tags and keywords.
  • Object detection with pre-trained models to identify and locate everyday objects in images or scenes.
AI Creator

Why InterConnecta

InterConnecta doesn’t just connect your business to the cloud. We optimize it first! For more than a decade, InterConnecta has helped more than 500 companies around the world connect and optimize their businesses in the cloud with Zoho Creator including

Find out why so many global companies choose Zoho Creator to run their business

Ensuring that remote villages get electricity with a custom ERP solution built in Zoho Creator

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Signing in visitors for health and safety purposes with a custom-built Zoho Creator app

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Monitoring every part of a factory and reducing costs through real-time data and automatic summaries with Zoho Creator

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Our Unique Methodology

Your business is unique. And, so are your workflows.

For more than a decade, we’ve helped businesses optimize their operations with our Zoho Optimizer Methodology™.

Yes, this is our “special sauce” and how we deliver a custom-fit Zoho solution that leverages our industry expertise and forward-looking apps but is just right for your business.


  • Business objectives
  • Project scope & Estimates
  • Blueprints
  • Roles & tasks

Customization Recommendations

  • Customized alternatives
  • Solution recommendation
  • Business benefits
  • Customer acceptance criteria

Solution Design

  • Solution definition
  • System structure and customization
  • Stories from users
  • Entity relationship diagrams

Solution Development

  • System configurations
  • Continuous development
  • Solution demo with customer

Testing and Implementation

  • System integration testing
  • User acceptance criteria
  • Warranty agreement
  • Solution rollout

Training and System Adoption

  • Personalized training sessions
  • Admin and/or user guides
  • Process reviews with customer
  • System monitoring

Free Consultation

Not everyone can implement Zoho Creator properly. Choose your Zoho Creator implementation partner wisely. InterConnecta is a certified Zoho Creator implementation provider, a Zoho Premium Consulting Partner, and we are the leading global Zoho consulting services optimizer. Let’s discuss your Zoho Creator automation and business needs.