Zoho for Real Estate

We help leading real estate companies connect and optimize their global operations in the cloud with Zoho

You want all of the benefits of running your real estate business cost-effectively in the cloud using Zoho

Real-time customer information and property searches

Streamlined real estate workflows

Reporting and insights by property and real estate agent

But you want to make sure everything is integrated and automated for your real estate business so you can scale.

In other words, you want a customer-centric, automated, and scalable real estate business

Did you know?

A real estate CRM [Zoho CRM customized for your real estate business] is a realtor’s and property manager’s secret deal-closing weapon. It’s a way for top realtors to stay organized, move tenants and prospective buyers down their sales funnel and, most importantly, close sales on properties

According to Pipeline

That is why it is especially important for real estate companies to utilize a cloud-based CRM and ensure it is optimized to handle sales leads quickly and effectively.


We get it!

Some of the best practices we’ve implemented to help our real estate clients


Single inbox for all customer communications even from multiple social sites (exclusively through our Connect App)


CRM reporting by properties to provide historical data by location


Ability to upload real estate Spreadsheet data into CRM


Real-time real estate reporting from the Zoho CRM


Streamlined sales process from leads to real estate deals closed

Ready to connect and optimize your real estate workflows business to the cloud?

We’re here to help

For more than a decade, InterConnecta has been successfully implementing and optimizing Zoho for real estate companies around the world

See Our Case Studies for Real Estate

Taurus Real Estate manages their lead nurturing process with
Zoho CRM

A commercial real estate firm automates the creation of their sales collaterals with Zoho CRM

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Zoho CRM, Analytics, and Survey help to double the size of an online property rentals company

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Property investment company explains why they switched from Salesforce to Zoho

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Integration of an entire system of tracking, analyzing, and providing real-time data of over 20,000 properties with Zoho Creator

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For your real estate business, we recommend the following app bundle:

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns

to retain your customers

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

to make customized applications


Zoho APIs

to build apps using any programming language and infrastructure