Zoho for Financial Services

We help leading financial institutions connect and optimize their global operations in the cloud with Zoho, whether they’re offering services to merchants or customers

You want all of the benefits of running your financial institution cost-effectively
in the cloud using Zoho

Real-time access to in-depth client information

Digital delivery of targeted financial services based on customer behavior

Insights on how to innovate and grow faster

But you want to make sure that your sensitive data is secure and meets regulatory compliance.

In other words, you want your financial institution to be customer-centric, connected, and secure.

Did you know?

73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant

According to Digital Trends

And, a recent study by Infosys found that consumers say personalization plays a key role in their purchasing decisions In the financial services industry, it’s especially important that clients get personalized and relevant information and products. That’s why it is so important for financial institutions to use a cloud-based CRM database with personalization and set it up properly so sales reps have real-time access to in-depth client profiles and customers have moment-of-need access to relevant financial products and services

We get it!

Some of the best practices we’ve implemented for our Financial Services clients


Single inbox for all customer communications even from multiple social sites (exclusively through our Connect App)


Automated loan pre-approvals created by tying merchants’ online loan applications into back-end banking systems


KPI-based reporting and analytics to drive strategic financial services initiatives


 Automated broker commission process that manages internal and external brokers


 Website integration to build digital relationship with prospects and customers


Real-time financial advisor dashboards to monitor performance

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For your financial services, we recommend the following app bundle:

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns

to retain your customers


Zoho Social

to manage your brand on social media


Zoho Sign​

to digitally sign and manage documents


Zoho APIs

to build apps using any programming language and infrastructure