Zoho for Renewable Energy

We help leading solar energy companies to reduce installation time
through automations with Zoho

Did you know?

65% of the companies that use a mobile CRM are achieving their sales quotas, while only 22% of sales reps that use a non-mobile CRM reached the same targets.

According to Nucleus Research

And a recent study by Forrester found that 50% of teams that use mobile CRM improved their productivity.

In the solar energy industry, it’s especially important that brigades in the field have apps that move along with them to successfully complete installations. It’s also crucial for sales reps to create and send quotes quickly and handle customer information from anywhere in one centralized and mobile cloud-based CRM database.

We get it!

Our Solutions that Energize Every Department

We adapt and integrate every single process into the Zoho platform and integrate with third-party apps. The purpose is that each can meet the needs of your renewable energy company and all your departments can be on the same page.


  • Social media channels’ management and automatic lead capture and assignment
  • Google Ads integration and Facebook Ads lead capturing with Zoho CRM to improve visibility
  • Marketing attribution to track all lead sources and ROI


  • Merge duplicated records and get automated workflows with financing partners
  • The right data via portals with real-time visibility for independent reps, channel partners, and distributors
  • Commission processing between multiple sales reps, teams, and affiliates
  • Digital signatures for customers’ contracts


  • Profit and loss balance sheets
  • Send estimates and convert them to invoices
  • Inventory management: serial number tracking from purchase order to dispatch for batteries, inverters, solar panels, etc.


  • Integrate installations’ statuses with partners like Sunnova
  • Holistic view to monitor stages of each installation
  • Centralization of installation brigades’ schedules

Customer Service

  • Integration of omnichannel help desk software with SMS, email, phone, and others for quick and efficient customer support across ticket types (incident management, troubleshooting, complaints, etc.), plus extended warranty tracking and sales
  • Upsell support plans for required system maintenance
  • Knowledge base and self-service portal for customers

Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Fully integrated analytics and reporting across departments and external data sources
  • Unified KPIs for sales operations and customer support
  • Dashboards for independent sales reps, channel partners, and distributors

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Find out why so many renewable energy companies choose Zoho to run their business

Using a custom function in Zoho CRM to quickly estimate energy and money savings for customers

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Obtaining AI-driven analytics and real-time insights from Zoho Analytics to replace manual analysis processes

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Using Zoho CRM and other Zoho apps to work with in-house and outside installers, and evolve processes

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For your solar energy company, we recommend the following app bundle:


to track and manage leads, generate real- time sales reports and forecasts, and digital ads reports.


to manage all your social media channels and lead capturing.


to manage installation status, projects’ stages, and teams’ schedules.


to manage omnichannel ticketing (incident management, troubleshooting, etc.)


to create profit and loss balance sheets, as well as send estimates and convert them to invoices.


for serial tracking numbers, multi- warehouse management, and digital signatures.


to create BI dashboards for different team members and fully integrated analytics.