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500+ businesses trust our proven Zoho industry solutions and consulting services to connect and grow globally

InterConnecta is a Zoho Premium Partner and the leading global Zoho consulting services optimizer. We don’t just connect your business to the cloud using Zoho. We optimize it

The Value of Optimizing Your Business with Zoho and InterConnecta

Simplify Operations

Business Cycles


For more than a decade, InterConnecta has helped more than 500 companies around the world connect and optimize their businesses in the cloud with Zoho including:

Business flows better when it’s connected with InterConnecta

Let’s optimize your operations with the Zoho consulting services that are right for your unique business

We highly recommend you consider adopting Zoho One and Zoho Analytics.
Zoho One enables you to connect all of your different business workflows and Zoho Analytics (one of the 40+ apps in the Zoho One ERP suite) enables you to get real-time, centralized access to all of your key business metrics

Zoho CRM Implementation Done Right

To get the most from your Zoho investment, it's important to set up Zoho properly.

An Ideal Zoho Implementation includes:


Optimizing your finance workflows BEFORE automating them in Zoho


Strategically setting up a self-service portal so Zoho is easier to maintain


Linking your website to Zoho CRM so you can track online customer behavior


Creating an integrated business platform that connects all of your Zoho Apps


Training your sales and marketing staff on how to efficiently use Zoho


Ensuring Zoho CRM and/or Zoho Analytics is customized to track your KPIs


Implementing a single inbox for all customer communications even from multiple social sites

Free Consultation

Not everyone can implement Zoho properly. Choose your Zoho consulting services partner wisely.

InterConnecta is a certified Zoho provider, a Zoho Premium Consulting Partner, and we are the leading global Zoho consulting services optimizer.

Let’s discuss your business operating needs and how Zoho can help

Our Unique Methodology

Your business is unique. And, so are your workflow.

That’s why we don’t just set up Zoho, we partner with you first to understand your business needs and optimize your business workflows with our Zoho Optimizer Methodology™.

Yes, this is our “special sauce” and how we deliver a custom-fit Zoho solution that leverages our industry expertise and forward-looking apps but is just right for your business.


  • Business objectives
  • Project scope & Estimates
  • Blueprints
  • Roles & tasks

Customization Recommendations

  • Customized alternatives
  • Solution recommendation
  • Business benefits
  • Customer acceptance criteria

Solution Design

  • Solution definition
  • System structure and customization
  • Stories from users
  • Entity relationship diagrams

Solution Development

  • System configurations
  • Continuous development
  • Solution demo with customer

Testing and Implementation

  • System integration testing
  • User acceptance criteria
  • Warranty agreement
  • Solution rollout

Training and System Adoption

  • Personalized training sessions
  • Admin and/or user guides
  • Process reviews with customer
  • System monitoring

Our Partnerships, Certifications, and Technologies

We are proud to work with the following industry leaders. InterConnecta is committed to always being up-to-date with the latest certifications and technologies as well as how best to integrate and connect them for our customers.

Ready to Optimize Your Business with Zoho?

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns

to retain your customers

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

to make customized applications

Ready to Optimize Your Business with Zoho CRM?

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