Forbes Reviews Zoho One’s Unification Capabilities

As we recently announced, Zoho One has released its 21st version with many interesting and advanced updates that have caught the attention of many, including Forbes. In this article, we summarize what Forbes had to say about this unified and cloud-based suite of more than fifty integrated business applications. SaaS Updates Forbes mentions that Zoho […]

Zoho One Expands and Revamps with New Technology

Zoho One, the unified and cloud-based operating system for business, has revealed a major update in its 21st version. This one includes five new apps, three new services, and seven major platform enhancements. Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho, said the following statement about the new Zoho One” “The experience that employees, customers, partners, and […]

Case Study: Zoho One Streamlines a Business

With over 40 apps under its belt, Zoho One has become an excellent operating system alternative for businesses. Zoho One is a unified suite of business and productivity applications from Zoho to manage sales, marketing, customer support, finance and operations, human resources, custom solutions, and more. Because we know you’d like to learn more about […]

Zoho One Adds Zoho Orchestly Platform

Another innovative addition from Zoho has arrived: Zoho Orchestly! This addition is part of Zoho One, the Zoho platform that has more than 45 Zoho products and services. Zoho Orchestly is a business orchestration platform that helps automate workflows, enforce compliance, provide visibility, and cut out inefficiencies. In Orchestly, you can view and track information […]

How Can Zoho One Help Small Businesses?

Picture this: you own a small business. As you already know, no matter the size of a business, it will always have its own challenges and sacrifices. You start dealing with the fact that small businesses have less human and technology resources. Therefore, you must maximize them to their fullest potencial to avoid bottlenecks that […]