How Can Zoho One Help Small Businesses?


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Picture this: you own a small business. As you already know, no matter the size of a business, it will always have its own challenges and sacrifices. You start dealing with the fact that small businesses have less human and technology resources. Therefore, you must maximize them to their fullest potencial to avoid bottlenecks that might slow down processes and profit-earning activities. That leads you to look for solutions, which might lead you to answers… but with a question mark.

Image by Tim Mossholder via Pexels

A challenge that your business might run into is data management. When most businesses start, they purchase single applications that include office tools, marketing, CRM, communications, among others. However, there’s a catch: every application must be integrated with the other ones or function as a standalone product, and either option will be less efficient. This is the moment when you might feel like panicking, but stay calm! There is a very practical solution.

That need for integration inspired the creation of Zoho One a few years ago. This software’s mission is to give businesses an integrated solution with applications that work together smoothly in a continuous way. An integrated software eliminates the problems caused by using standalone applications, resulting in streamlined company operations. This happens by giving everyone (including decision makers) increased visibility of all the processes and accurate, updated information in real time on any device. This will avoid misinformation and/or misunderstandings within the team.

Zero misinformation and lots of happiness within the team thanks to Zoho One! Yay! (Image by Rawpixel via Pexels.)

All those benefits lead to this conclusion: you will save money and increase productivity in your business by implementing the Zoho One integrated system. You won’t have to buy and install (among other steps) different standalone applications and you will spend less money on IT. Remember that when you save money on one area of your business, you can use it for another one or for unforeseen expenses. Pretty awesome, eh?

If you’d like to learn more about Zoho One and the benefits of integrated systems, check the full article.

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