Zoho News Catch-Up: Zoho + OpenAI Integration, CRM Connector for DataPrep, Updates for Campaigns, Recognitions from Gartner and Nucleus Research


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Welcome to our catch-up, where you’ll be in the know of all the latest Zoho updates in one place!

Zoho Integrates with OpenAI

(Image via Zoho)

Zoho Corporation just announced the integration of their apps with OpenAI technology, thus joining the latest wave of global companies that have embraced this game-changing trend. Zoho has combined Zia’s existing AI capabilities with ChatGPT to provide optimal support for businesses. ChatGPT is specifically designed to comprehend and generate more coherent and contextually suitable responses to user inquiries in natural language.

The following are some examples of what the Zoho CRM and OpenAI integration provides:

  • Content generation based on provided keywords
  • Summaries of lengthy content
  • Identification of the content tone
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Rephrasing content with improved grammar
  • Enhancement of titles and headings
  • Creation of relevant responses to text inputs
  • Retrieval of contextually relevant content

You can employ OpenAI throughout Zoho apps like CRM, Desk, Social, Mail, Assist, SalesIQ, Notebook, Meeting, DataPrep, Writer, Analytics, Cliq, LandingPage, and Site 24X7. For more details and to learn how to enable this integration, visit our comprehensive blog article.

Zoho CRM Connector for Zoho DataPrep

The connector helps businesses manage sales data better. You can use it to create end-to-end data pipelines, schedule data cleanups/backups, and more. Take a look at its features:

Data Sync

(Image via Zoho)

  • Bring in data from 50+ sources: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Excel, Azure, Amazon Redshift, among others.
  • Apply 250+ transformations.
  • Export using Zoho CRM Connector.
  • Use schema validation and prevent data model mismatch.

Data Clean-Up

(Image via Zoho)
  • Maintain high integrity of Zoho CRM data and optimize sales processes.
  • Schedule bulk clean-up of CRM data.
  • Schedule data cleansing during non-business hours.
  • Normalize data in real time.

Data Migration

(Image via Zoho)
  • Migrate data from other CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Pipedrive, among others.
  • Fix errors and standardize data before migrating to Zoho CRM.
  • Remove inconsistencies and duplicates during migration.

Data Back-Up

(Image via Zoho)
  • Schedule back-ups of your Zoho CRM data to data warehouses like Snowflake, Amazon RDS, and Amazon s3.
  • Enable disaster recovery of CX data in case of emergencies.
  • Use backed up data for analytics and downstream processes.

Zoho Campaigns Updates: Merge Tag, Footer, and Autoresponder Migration

Merge Tag

Any custom field that you create within your organization will automatically be available as merge tags. This will make it easier for you to choose an appropriate tag from the available options instead of creating a new one from scratch each time. For example, when you add the sender’s name, you can choose a merge tag from the default available options in the drop-down list.

(Image via Zoho)

Consequently, Zoho Campaigns will no longer offer the capability to create new merge tags. However, any previously created merge tags will remain available for you to use.

Footer Migration

Adding a footer to your email campaign is now easier: you can easily select the footer from the template editor without having to switch tabs.

(Image via Zoho)

Also, the Header and Footer update option in Settings will still be accessible from your account for a limited time. This lets you view your existing footers and incorporate them in your campaigns as needed. Nonetheless, editing them will not be possible.

Autoresponder Migration

The autoresponders feature has been discontinued to streamline the system. According to Zoho, they have made sure that every action/scenario that was achieved with autoresponders can also be accomplished through workflows. So, a migration option will be available in the near future, allowing you to convert your existing autoresponders to workflows. For now, you will be able to access the autoresponder feature as usual.

Zoho Analytics Recognized as Niche Player in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

(Image via Gartner)

Zoho Analytics has been awarded this recognition for the second year in a row thanks to the following, according to Gartner:

  • Unified business analytics: Users can integrate data from a broad range of LOB applications. Zoho Analytics comes with hundreds of domain-specific prebuilt reports and dashboards. The smart data blending capability allows users to automatically blend data across LOB applications to offer end-to-end business insights.
  • Composable analytics vision: Since 2022, Zoho Analytics has a pluggable microservices architecture that lets buyers use their own services when deploying in preferred cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google, and AWS. The marketplace approach facilitates users with low-code/no-code experience to gather the fundamental components from rich prebuilt contents, like e-commerce analytics using Shopify.
  • Zoho opportunities: Zoho has 80 million existing SaaS users, which speeds up Zoho Analytics’ adoption with the platform effect. Organizations can buy any Zoho apps and easily integrate them with Zoho Analytics. Nucleus Research notes that, specifically, Zoho is well-positioned to enable users to move beyond reporting and analysis towards true decision intelligence. This is because of the integration with business apps, as well as Zoho’s strength in collaboration: one of the three new significant capabilities added in 2023.

Read the full Gartner report here.

Zoho CRM Named Leader in Nucleus Research for CRM Technology Value Matrix 2023

(Image via Nucleus Research)

For the third year in a row, Zoho CRM has received this distinction —which was also obtained in 2021 and 2022— that solidifies once more Zoho CRM’s position as one of the top choices by global companies when it comes to CRM software.

Here are some of the capabilities from Zoho CRM that Nucleus Research highlighted:

  • Zoho manages its own private cloud infrastructure, which allows its solutions to be easily scalable while giving customers ownership of their data.
  • The Zoho CRM Analytics mobile app offers users access to analytics dashboards, KPIs, and progress toward different sales objectives. The app also supports multiple sales pipelines and workflow automation to streamline repetitive sales outreach processes and enable different strategies.
  • CommandCenter —Zoho’s advanced automation tool— enables users to map and capture the entire customer experience through connected apps.
  • Zoho’s ability to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different companies has helped to solidify its position as a leader in CRM software.
  • Zoho’s strong value proposition and commitment to improving Zoho CRM’s product offering have made it a preferred software for organizations that need to increase their CRM capabilities.

Nucleus Research concludes their study with the following statement about Zoho CRM:

“Zoho has been awarded the highest score for usability in the 2023 CRM Value Matrix, recognized for its extensive range of functionality, customizable features, and notably user friendly interface. In recent years, Zoho has shifted its focus to cater to larger organizations, and this shift has not gone unnoticed by Nucleus. Today, Zoho is a feasible option for organizations of all sizes. The platform’s unified data model, use of private cloud infrastructure, and quick deployment options make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking to partner with Zoho.”

Read the full Nucleus Research report here.

Zoho Webinars

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That’s all for now, IC readers! See you soon for more Zoho updates from InterConnecta!

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