CRM in 2022: Trends and Predictions


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Another year has left the party and a new one has just arrived. Curiosity invades our thoughts, wondering what will bring 2022 in all aspects, including CRM (well, at least for us CRM-obsessed people!). In this article (which has already become our annual tradition), we’ll show you what’s in store for Customer Relationship Management. Let’s begin!

Image by Vlad Deep via Unsplash

CRM will be More Social

This trend continues to be strong, since it was also our CRM trend for 2021. With over 3 billion active social media users around worldwide, there’s no doubt businesses need social media strategies to expand brand exposure, reach, and engagement; as well as bringing new leads. When CRM integrates with social media channels, businesses can capitalize on social media information to understand customers in order to provide them a better customer experience, as well as obtain market insights. Moreover, businesses can be able to create improved product offerings, and reply to queries and comments from customers in a more efficient and fast way.

Other benefits of a social media and CRM integration are allowing businesses to publish relevant content, getting immediate customer feedback to improve the company’s services, and empowering the customer support team.

CRM Software will be Powered by AI

This one is another 2021 CRM trend that continues to gain traction. Although CRM software is fully functional and powerful by itself, it takes the game to another level when integrating with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-driven CRM systems allow businesses to store, manage, use, and gather better data to make business decisions that are required to be fact-driven and fast.

AI-powered systems have many benefits for businesses: tailor-made interactions and experiences for improved customer engagement and retention; customer segmentation based on specific criteria; more manageable lead management; intelligent recommendations throughout the sales funnel’s stages for better decisions; and increased team productivity and efficiency (with functions to make phone calls; schedule meetings, follow up leads, among others).

When CRM integrates with social media channels, businesses can capitalize on social media information to understand customers in order to provide them a better customer experience, as well as obtain market insights. (Image by Jeremy Bezanger via Unsplash)

CRM Systems that are Voice-Enabled

Voice technology is quickly turning into a crucial part of customer relationship strategy. A voice-enabled CRM Software enables customers to process transactions via phone by identifying customers by their “voiceprints”, which ditches the need of entering PINs or passwords.

Your sales team can take advantage of this by updating data in an efficient manner, keeping track of conversations, and automated messaging. Furthermore, it allows businesses to capture more data and gain more meaningful insights from it. With the latter, businesses are able to make better predictions.

CRM Systems will be IoT-Enabled

The Internet of things (IoT) has become a huge game-changer when it comes to CRM technology. IoT integration gives CRM systems broad insights regarding customer behavior. This makes possible to respond better and quickly to customers.

Also, companies can identify customer dissatisfaction, which allows them to act in a proactive manner for loyalty retention; service representatives are able to solve problems faster and successfully; and businesses are able to fix errors in products before customers can be aware of them.

Undoubtedly, CRM keeps improving and becoming more integrated with other technologies. And now, more than ever, with the challenges that arose from times changing quicker than ever, we are sure that other exciting trends will continue take place within this decade.

Happy 2022, dear IC readers!

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