Zoho Campaigns: Intelligent Email Marketing (Video)

Zoho Campaigns can help you do more besides saving time and efforts. In this webinar from our partner Zoho, you’ll learn how to make your email marketing smarter with the help of Zoho Campaigns. Click play and learn the Zoho way! Are you thinking about using Zoho Campaigns for your email marketing campaigns? Visit our […]

5 Tips for Sending Email Campaigns

Ah, the wonderful world of email marketing campaigns! In a fast-paced, full-of-contents internet world, email campaigns are always a challenge. Anyone who has worked with email campaigns must’ve asked her/himself: Will my content work? Will I get a gazillion of unsubscribes as bad karma for all the email listings I’ve unsubscribed from? Will anyone read […]

Notes About Email Deliverability

The world of email marketing can be quite tricky. However, if done properly and by following the right guidelines, you’ll be able to successfully reach and engage your audience to obtain the desired results. Recently, Salesforce published some useful explanations and tips about email deliverability, which we summarize in this article. What is the Difference […]

The all-new Zoho Campaigns is here!

The new Zoho Campaigns has been designed to deliver highly customized messages to your subscribers. Email marketing is no longer a simple, one-message-fits-all activity. Today it is a complex exercise which requires understanding your subscribers’ behavior and interests in order to see results. Targeted, relevant, and personalized messages are the way to make every subscriber […]