5 Tips for Sending Email Campaigns


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Ah, the wonderful world of email marketing campaigns! In a fast-paced, full-of-contents internet world, email campaigns are always a challenge. Anyone who has worked with email campaigns must’ve asked her/himself: Will my content work? Will I get a gazillion of unsubscribes as bad karma for all the email listings I’ve unsubscribed from? Will anyone read my emails?!?! Well, like Yoda would say in his reverse syntaxis: Fear do not! We have summarized some cool tips from our friends and partners at Zoho to improve email campaigns. Read them you must!

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1. Have Healthy Mailing Lists

Yes, even mailing lists can have health issues as well! If you keep stagnant lists for too long, you may get more bounces after sending new campaigns. Be always on the lookout for email addresses that are no longer in use and remove them from your lists. This will prevent not only constant bouncing, but also inaccurate and poor campaign reach reports.

2. Testing, Testing!

They say “Practice makes perfect,” but guess what? Running tests makes perfect as well! As much as it may hurt to admit it, delivering the right contents isn’t always that easy. Your email campaigns will be the darlings of your targets’ inboxes when your subject line and campaign content resonate with them. One way of doing tests is the A/B testing method. This involves sending two versions of the same campaign to a small number of your recipients. According to the reach of each version, use the one that performed better and send it to the rest of your subscribers.

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3. Get Targeted Outreach by Creating Segments

In order to send targeted and relevant email messages, you must segment your list of email subscribers. Use specific criteria to group your recipients, which will save you lots of time. The most common criterion is geography, since you will be able to send emails based on your recipients’ time zones. This will result in unique opens and clicks, as well as improve your campaign statistics in general. You should also pay special attention to the patterns of email opens based on dates and hours.

4. Send Emails in Batches

Have you thought that there’s no such thing as too many email subscribers? Well, there is! Start batching your email campaigns before sending them. Do this by segregating your list into batches. Then, after sending the email to the first batch, analyze how many opens and clicks have been made. Therefore, you’ll know how to proceed with your other batches. Also, tracking the links in the campaign is a must so you can see how many subscribers have clicked and visited the link.

Image from rawpixel.com via Pexels

5. Content Must Speak for Your Brand

Contents should always be engaging and crisp, just like your company! Don’t create long emails. Instead, opt for emails that are visually-appealing, which will generate more opens and clicks. You can do all of this by keeping your ideas simple. Your campaign must encourage your recipients to take action, which is the ultimate goal.
Now that you’ve read these life-changing tips, go ahead and conquer the world with your email campaigns! We are rooting for you!

To read more, visit Zoho to access the full article.

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