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The world of email marketing can be quite tricky. However, if done properly and by following the right guidelines, you’ll be able to successfully reach and engage your audience to obtain the desired results. Recently, Salesforce published some useful explanations and tips about email deliverability, which we summarize in this article.

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What is the Difference Between Deliverability and Delivered Rate?

These two aspects are very important when it comes to sending marketing emails. Therefore, it is a key factor to know the meaning of each. Deliverability measures where and if your emails land in a customer’s inbox. This means that if you have poor deliverability, your customers won’t receive your email messages, so obviously they won’t be able to see them.

Meanwhile, the delivered rate measures the number or percentage of emails that don’t have a hard or soft bounce. Unlike deliverability, the delivered rate doesn’t consider where the message was placed in the inbox.

Emails Also Have a Reputation

It might sound strange, but that’s how it is! Email deliverability is very important in the strategy of marketing emails. This depend on the email sender reputation score, which determines if your subscriber will either receive or not your email messages. The Internet Service Providers (ISP) determine, according to multiple data points and factors, if they will accept or reject an email message. These data points also decide if the message will be placed in the inbox or in the spam folder.

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So, how can we protect the sender reputation? Salesforce suggests the following:

  • Use double opt-in and reactivation campaigns, which ensure that the email address belongs to a real person.
  • Remove from your subscription lists those email addresses that are invalid or that do not respond to the messages.
  • Create interactive and actionable emails. The more your customers click and interact with your message, the higher your sender reputation score will be.

To learn more about email deliverability, visit Salesforce’s blog.

If you need to improve your email deliverability, visit our Solutions page.

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