Experts’ Predictions for CRM in 2019

Feb. 18, 2019 — Predictions… Who doesn’t love them? Recently, a group of CRM experts took a look into the CRM crystal ball (which we do hope exists) and made their predictions of what we can expect from CRM this year. Feeling curious? Then keep reading and take a glance at the future. You might […]

Minimize these 3 Hidden CRM Costs while Planning your Next Budget

Salesbox tells us that: Often, it’s not so much to do with forgetting hidden costs – there’s enough information out there on what to include in a software budget – but not drilling down into them enough. Things like overtime, add up and whilst you’re spending significant amounts of time implementing a new system, customizing […]

Stop Sacrificing CRM Usability for Your Sales Process!

The usability of a CRM tends to be the first sacrifice made when attempting to account for every sales action and task in a sales cycle. Though it may seem like a necessary sacrifice at first, you will likely come to find that the data within your CRM suffers as a result. More specifically, you […]