Zoho News Catch-Up: AI at the service of your business, News in Sites, CRM, and Books, Integration of Sales IQ to Telegram, Zoholics Texas, Webinars on Landing Page, Survey and Cliq


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Welcome to our catch-up, where you’ll be in the know of all the latest Zoho updates in one place!


Launch: Artificial Intelligence at the service of your business

We are excited to announce the launch of our new service: Artificial Intelligence solutions specifically designed to empower and transform your business.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the boundaries of what is possible in all industries, offering everything from advanced data analysis to automation and personalization on a scale never seen before. Our new service promises not only to adapt to the specific structure and needs of your company but also to drive unprecedented efficiency and open new growth opportunities.


Are you ready to take the leap into digital transformation with the help of AI?

Learn more here

Zoho Sites redefines website building in its version 2.0

(image via zoho)

New user interface: Now you can enjoy more intuitive navigation with a completely redesigned user interface and advanced customization options.

Subsites: Create microsites targeted at specific audiences, facilitating segmentation and improving interaction.

Multilingualism and RTL support: Expand your global reach with support for multiple languages and right-to-left scripts, all integrated without the need for additional plugins.

Enhanced navigation: Implement mega menus and visual icons for a superior user experience.

SEO and advanced schemas: Take advantage of new SEO tools and the schema builder to increase your online visibility.

Reusable sections and social profiles: Update your site efficiently and maintain a consistent image across all your platforms.

Individual page publishing: Publish pages instantly and ensure the quality of your content before it goes public.

Zoho Sites 2.0 gives you all the tools to make your online presence more powerful and accessible. Don’t miss out on experiencing these new features!

Improvements in Zoho CRM Sandbox for conflict-free deployment

Optimize deployment in Zoho CRM with the new Sandbox improvements! Now you can directly resolve conflict cases, in addition to some improvements in the user interface. Don’t miss them!

Enhanced visualization of conflicts and dependencies: Now you will see detailed information about the items involved in conflicts, such as module names and fields, which facilitates the identification and resolution of issues.

(image via zoho)

Direct conflict resolution: Resolve conflicts directly from the “Check Dependency” page. Among the available options, you can select dependent items for deployment, rename elements with duplicate names, or change the developer assigned to a configuration, directly from the user interface.

(image via zoho)

(image via zoho)

User interface improvements: Enjoy a more intuitive experience with improvements to the interface, designed to make the testing and deployment process more efficient.

These updates make managing and deploying configurations in Zoho CRM easier and less prone to errors, ensuring a smooth transition to the production environment.

New features in Zoho Books – April 2024

Explore the latest improvements in Zoho Books for more efficient accounting management:

Integration with WhatsApp: Automatically send notifications and transaction details to your clients via WhatsApp, improving communication and efficiency.

Enable the function by following these steps: Sales > Customers, select a customer and edit their main contact or contact person details on the overview page. Then, enable WhatsApp as a communication channel.

(image via zoho)

ACH Payments for Retainer Invoices: Make it easier for your clients to pay retainer invoices through ACH payment links, simplifying the collection process.

To record ACH payments, go to Sales > Advance Invoices. Select your preferred ACH payment gateway when creating or editing an invoice.

(image via zoho)

Late Fee Application [U.S. Edition]: Implement automatic late fees on payments by setting custom conditions for each invoice. (Available only in the Premium, Elite, and Ultimate plans of Zoho Books)

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Preferences > Invoices and activate the Late Payment Fee preference.

(image via zoho)

Improvements in the Comments and History section: Take advantage of new features to interact and highlight important information in transaction comments.

(image via zoho)

Get ready to take your business to the next level with Zoho Books!

SalesIQ extends its integration with Telegram for Chatbots

Now you can relax and let your SalesIQ bots manage interactions on Telegram, improving customer service and reducing response times. This automation allows your operators to focus on handling more complex queries, thus optimizing resources and team efficiency.

(image via zoho)

  • Automated Management: SalesIQ chatbots can now handle conversations on Telegram, allowing you to automate responses and improve customer service efficiency.
  • Multilingual Support: Implement chatbots in various languages, offering a personalized experience for each Telegram user.
  • Transfer to Operators: When necessary, chatbots can transfer conversations to human operators to ensure high-quality customer support.
  • Custom Flows: Use the no-code bot builder to create specific flows for Telegram users, optimizing interaction according to the needs of your audience.
  • Function Versatility: Telegram chatbots can perform tasks from lead generation to order tracking and answering frequently asked questions.

So, everything you plan for your website can now also be implemented for your Telegram users:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Support ticket creation
  • E-commerce order tracking
  • Responses to frequently asked questions and routine inquiries

SalesIQ and Telegram together enhance your business’s ability to interact efficiently with customers, increasing satisfaction and retention.

New Kanban views in Zoho CRM: Multi-level record prioritization

Now you can maximize your record management with multiple Kanban views in Zoho CRM. See how it works:

Multiple views per module: You can now create various Kanban views within the same module, allowing you to prioritize and organize records according to different criteria without needing to modify existing views.

Flexible setup: Set up and customize each Kanban view to categorize records by the fields you need, such as contract status or industry, thus facilitating the visual management of multiple processes or projects.

(image via zoho)

(image via zoho)

Management and customization of views: Manage and customize your Kanban views to suit your specific needs. Rearrange views according to your preferences and manage access permissions for different users.

(image via zoho)

(image via zoho)

(image via zoho)

(image via zoho)

These new features make viewing and handling records in Zoho CRM more dynamic and tailored to the specific needs of your company.

See you on June 5 and 6 at Zoholics Austin, Texas

We are pleased to invite you to Zoholics 2024 in Austin, Texas! This event is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest industry trends and discover how Zoho can transform your business.

Why attend?

Inspirational conferences from industry experts.
Hands-on workshops to maximize Zoho’s potential.
Networking opportunities with leading market professionals.
Discover new features and innovative solutions.



Do not hesitate to reserve some time with our team who will be present at the event. We are eager to meet you and discuss how Zoho can drive the success of your business.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Reserve your space with our team by sending an email to kim@interconnecta.com

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the latest innovations from Zoho, enhance your skills, and expand your network. We look forward to seeing you there!

Webinars on Zoho Landing Page, Survey, and Cliq

How to create successful event Landing Pages | Zoho Landing Page

Integration of Zoho Survey with Zoho Campaigns

Improve your marketing game with Zoho Cliq

Do you want to add these new features to your Zoho system? Let’s work together! Learn more about our Zoho consulting services and contact us for a free consultation.

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