Managing Change – and Transition – in an Organization


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About a month ago, we announced the partnership of one of our long time clients, Solveda with the digital engagement company Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (BLIN). Although this is an exciting time for everyone the complexity and bureaucracy involved in an organizational transition can be overwhelming. With this in mind, I read an article over the weekend  Read more

Top 10 Cloud-Based Myths


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Last week we compared a few differences to consider between Cloud based vs On-Premise software solutions. Over the weekend I read an article that predicted cloud storage revenue to grow more than 28% annually to reach $65 billion in 2020.  The driving force behind this growth is the ability for cloud-based solutions to deliver a  Read more

4 Foundemental Elements for Marketing Analytics Success

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The past ten years have seen a transformation in our marketing profession like no previous decade. Marketers have had to adapt or perish in this transition from brand to demand and art to science. They have learned a new language – the demand waterfall, SQLs, lead scoring. Not to mention new technologies – Salesforce, Eloqua,  Read more