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The Case for Hiring ‘Under-Qualified’ Employees

June 14, 2012

By: David K. Williams From the Startup Rules of Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo, the all-star executive who also co-founded Omniture and took it from inception to IPO to sale for $1.8B to Adobe: “Rule 45: No Unemployed Candidates. Always an Excuse. Too Risky. Top-Rated, Currently Employed Candidates Who Won’t Leave… PERFECT.” With all due respect for your accomplishments,  Read more

Virtual Teams Can Outperform Traditional Teams

June 7, 2012

by Keith Ferrazzi When I visit companies, it’s one of the most frequent complaints I hear: “I’m working on a project with people I’ve never met.” Or: “This virtual team I’m on is a disaster — nobody really knows what the other is doing.” Many of us have found ourselves thrown onto project teams in  Read more

Labor Efficiency: The Next Great Internet Disruption

June 7, 2012

BY: NICK CRONIN Editor’s note: Nick Cronin is a former corporate attorney and now the President and Founder, which is based in Chicago. For more than a decade now, the Internet has done a great job of making things in our day-to-day lives more efficient by easily connecting parties who can have a mutually beneficial  Read more

Marketing is the Next Big Money Sector in Technology

June 7, 2012

By Ajay Agarwal, Bain Capital Ventures “By 2017, a CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO.” —Gartner Group For the first time in history, businesses can leverage big data for the benefit of driving marketing insights. We are at the very beginning of this wave, but this fundamental shift will create several multi-billion  Read more