Zoho Reaches 50 Million Business Users


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Zoho Corporation has announced that they hit another historic milestone by achieving the number of 50 million business users around the world. The timing for this news is parallel to the Zoho’s considerable growth, which now has 10 data centers across the globe. These data centers support more than 45 different applications that help businesses located in more than 180 countries.

According to Zoho in their press release, because of the high global demand that the company is experiencing, they are “redoubling its efforts to provide the best, most unified platform, services, and applications in the industry.”

Another announcement made by Zoho is the introduction of WorkDrive, which provides online file management across all the Zoho business applications. This allows single storage, unified search, and contextual integration, among other integrated capabilities. In regard to what Workdrive can do, Vijay Sundaram, Zoho’s Chief Strategy Officer, said:

“A content collaboration platform must understand the context of the documents it stores. A proposal may turn into a sales contract and then into a service level agreement. […] WorkDrive creates a common, unified file system across all business processes, so the business context is easier to understand and preserve, making the system significantly more valuable to the customer. This unique type of a solution can only come from a vendor who also offers the business applications.”

Congratulations to Zoho Corporation for achieving such an important milestone! Here’s to 50 million more!

To read Zoho’s press release in its entirety, click here.

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