Zoho Launches Zoho Workplace Update with Business Context and Continuity


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Zoho Corporation recently announced the latest update of Zoho Workplace, a single software platform that brings together collaboration, productivity, and communications tools; and integrates them into other business processes. This new proposal is centered around a full-featured business mail and cloud office suite and it includes nine closely associated applications, built on a common data model and unified through common search and AI across one dashboard. This allows customers to solve business problems quickly and collaboratively.

Zoho Workplace provides a unified platform with multi-faceted communications like email, messaging, audio and video conferencing; a cloud office suite with shared file storage; common team and collaboration paradigms built into each of the products; and AI, search, and other services that span right across the entire suite. According to Zoho, this will allow people to work better and more effectively than before.

Vijay Sundaram, Zoho’s Chief Strategy Officer, had to say the following about Zoho Workplace:

“The nature of work has undeniably changed, and Workplace has grown to meet that change. Businesses are not looking to solve a collaboration problem, they are looking to solve a custom invoicing problem or sales enablement problem or support problem. Collaboration platforms need to facilitate better business outcomes, not just improve productivity. Workplace, through pre-built integrations with powerful business apps and context and continuity across applications, devices, and departments, stands alone in having the vision and functionality to meet the broad business needs of today.”

In a recent joint study by Zoho and Beagle Research, it was found that “54 percent of enterprise-level employees (businesses with more than 500 employees) found the applications they work with not intuitive and difficult to integrate.” Moreover, “40 percent of the largest enterprise employees surveyed (businesses with more than 4,000 employees) said their work can be chaotic, working with multiple technology platforms to do their job accordingly.” The study reveals that businesses want unified solutions that streamline complex processes such as data migration, content creation, contextual collaboration and communication, and search.

Consequently, Zoho Workplace has been rapidly adopted in the last quarter, now supporting 2 million organizations, with 15 million users located across more than 150 countries. More than 25 percent of new Zoho Workplace customers have made the decision to switch over from G Suite and Microsoft.

Zoho Workplace has the following capabilities:

  • Contextual communication with Zoho Mail (business mail), Zoho Cliq (messaging), and Zoho Meeting (conferencing).
  • Continuity with Zoho Connect (social intranet) and Writer (word processing).
  • Convenience with Zoho Show (collaborative presenting), Zoho Sheet (spreadsheet), Zoho WorkDrive (cloud document management), and Zoho ShowTime (online training).

To read the full press release, visit Zoho’s page.

Are you interested in learning more about implementing Zoho’s applications in your business? Then reach out to us by clicking here. We’ll be happy to help!

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