Zoho Desk Implementation Cuts Customer Service Time In Half


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The lubrication manufacturing company Lubrication Engineers knew that, as a large company, they needed to streamline their customer service functions. That made them try Zoho Desk, which brought outstanding results to their operations. Watch this testimonial to see how Zoho Desk made a huge impact on their customer service.

Paul Grimes, VP of Marketing

“I’m Paul Grimes and I get the honor today of representing Lubrication Engineers in Wichita, Kansas. I’m the VP of Marketing. Lubrications Engineers has been a company that’s been around since 1951 and we make lubrication reliability products and distribute them throughout the world. Zoho Desk, so we started playing around with the tool and we went ‘This is an incredible tool!’ So we started with our customer service functions. We’ve been up and running on our customer service functions now for almost 90 days. Through that process, we’ve literally gotten rid of old spreadsheet processes and really streamlined our customer service functions. We’re so excited by what’s happening with [Zoho] Desk that we are going to develop a technical desk side as well, and we figure this is gonna really streamline our customer service on a technical level when it comes to our lubricants and our applications.”

Jill Kelley, Customer Service Manager

“Zoho Desk has made the biggest impact on the Customer Service Department that we’ve ever had. I used to do a lot of different manual spreadsheets and things. Zoho Desk has taken all of that, put it into one place where the whole company can access that information anytime they want, get rid of all these spreadsheets that­­­─ a lot of people get duplicate spreadsheets of everything. With this process in place, it has cut our customer service time almost in half.”

Casey Tristan, IT Systems Support Manager

“We did not have a means to track items that went through our Customer Service Department. Once you implement it, you start to see all these other processes that you have, that you think, ‘Man, we can put that into [Zoho] Desk or we can put that into Zoho creator.’ Zoho solving problems for us that we didn’t even know we had… It’s been great and, yes, I recommend Zoho all the time.”

Jill Kelley, Customer Service Manager

“Oh, I definitely recommend it! It can do so much for your company. Now that we have Zoho, it has changed my life. I am not kidding.”

Are you looking to implement Zoho Desk in your company? Then click here and sign up for a free trial of Zoho Desk.

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