Zoho Apps: Updates for iOS 16


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Throughout the years, Zoho applications have tightly integrated with Apple technologies and adapted to them in iPhones and iPads to offer a great user experience. Recently, iOS 16 launched, so a group of updated Zoho apps that adopt iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are now available in the App Store.

Some of the new technologies that the Zoho apps support are Lock Screen widgets, SharePlay, Live Text, and Focus Filters. Below, we have summarized for you the most important Zoho for iOS updates:

Passkeys, Focus Filters, Live Text, and more for Zoho OneAuth

(Image via Zoho)

Zoho OneAuth’s updates for iOS16 make simpler to manually add new OTP accounts and edit existing ones, to access your OTPs, as well to manage multiple accounts on your Apple devices. The features include:

  • Passkeys: Increases your login experience across all Zoho apps.
  • Watch Face widgets: Gets you the right OTPs directly from your Apple watch.
  • Focus Filters: Lets you associate the appropriate Zoho account for each Focus Mode.
  • Live Text: Enables you to effortlessly add 2FA accounts by reading information from web pages and documents.
  • Lock Screen widget: Gets you the OTPs quickly to help you log in to your accounts.
  • Quick Notes: Allows you to intuitively edit 2FA accounts with seamless deep linking.

Zoho Sign with Quick Notes, Lock Screen Widgets, Document Scanner, and More 

Users can now add pending documents that require a signature to Quick Notes and access them directly from there. The new multi-layered customization options let users personalize their Lock Screen widgets for starting the document-signing process, viewing documents that need their signature, among other functions.

Moreover, you can customize Zoho Sign’s app behavior based on Focus Mode by providing filters for each focus with dark or light mode. Another update is that you can configure new conversational Siri shortcuts in your iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 to execute different actions.

For users who might not have documents readily accessible on their device, Zoho has included an enhanced Document Scanner update.

Zoho Bigin: Intelligence, Focus Filters, Room Plan, and More

(Image via Zoho)

New tools and features for Bigin on iOS 16 now make the iPhone more suitable for business use. Display critical information on the very first screen with Lock Screen like, for example, widgets regarding schedules and the status of deals.

While Focus is on, you can use Filters to customize Bigin to open with your favorite theme, notification settings, and list view to start working at once.

Also, real estate users can send a 3D room plan to potential buyers, which gives them advantage over realtors who show 2D photos and videos instead.

Zoho Campaigns: Lock Screen Widgets and Live Text

Draft email templates faster: edit email contents by copying and pasting text from your camera or your pictures/videos. Once the campaign is scheduled, keep track of the emails and view their opens, clicks, and other metrics by adding widgets to your Lock Screen.

Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice: Lock Screen Widgets, Live Activities, Live Text, and Quick Notes

Now you can now set up Lock Screen widgets on your iPhone to create timesheets and invoices, or record your project hours.

Also, the new Live Activities feature will be launched by Zoho later in 2022 so you can view your project timer just by looking at your iPhone. Apple Watch complications have been introduced so you can start and stop a project timer from the Watch app. This feature also syncs the time log with your iOS app automatically. Besides that, with the App Shortcuts feature you can have Siri perform a few functions for you.

The improved Live Text feature allows you to copy details from your uploaded receipts. You can then paste them into the expense creation forms to immediately create expense reports. Meanwhile, Quick Notes lets you write down your ideas while using the app so you can later revisit them.

Weather Kit and Lock Screen Widgets for Zoho Expense

Stay informed on the weather for your travel days. Track mileage directly from your Lock Screen by adding the mileage tracker widget and activating it when you need it. When creating a mileage expense, the tracked mileage will be auto-filled. Likewise, you can use the new Apple Watch complications feature to track mileage directly from your Apple Watch.

With App Shortcuts, ask Siri to perform specific actions (for example, upload a receipt or open a new report). Another interesting update is that Quick Notes, which was only available in iPads is now available for iPhone, so you can take notes while using the app.

Zoho One: Lock Screen Widgets, Live Text Feature, New Focus Filters, and Quick Notes

The new and improved Zoho One mobile app is loaded with the capability to manage multiple users and profiles right from your mobile screen. It keeps you updated with key data on your iPhone, boosting its viability for better business use. With the new Lock Screen widgets, users won’t have to navigate through the app to get key business insights. You’ll now be able to choose from a group of circular and rectangular Lock Screen widgets that display key information about your business. You just have to tap, drag, and drop the widgets to your Lock Screen.

Another update iOS 16 is the Live Text feature within the Zoho One app. You won’t have to manually enter all the details to add a new user to your organization. You can now save time by capturing details directly from documents or web pages by pointing your camera at it.

The Focus Filter is the perfect update for those who love personalization. If you have multiple organization profiles associated with your Zoho One account, use the Focus Filter feature to switch between different organizations effortlessly, depending on your focus mode.

In Quick Notes, navigate through your app for key user data and performance metrics, and add a quick note along with the app link which will lead you right to the specified data.

Doc Scanner in iOS 16

(Image via Zoho)

Easily access your documents from your Lock Screen with circular, rectangular, and inline widgets. Apply Focus Filters to manage your app’s behavior by setting themes like light/dark mode and default color in Focus Mode.

Extract live text from any image that you add to your documents, and find and replace text in your documents from your iPhone’s keypad in no time. Instantly attach a document to your note with Quick Notes in the Doc Scanner app and smoothly link your documents to your notes to make it a single view.

Zoho People for iOS 16

Now you can complete key HR functions right from your iPhone’s Lock Screen by adding the desired widgets.

Take a look at your upcoming holidays, apply for leave, and more without having to navigate to your Home Screen. App Intents have been incorporated so that you can quickly fetch information from multiple places on your iPhone (open tasks, time logs, and pending jobs). Ask Siri to find the desired actions under the Shortcuts App, or search for them in Spotlight.

The Live Text feature is also part of Zoho’s learning management system. It lets learners to scan and grab text from videos, presentations, and images, and add them to the Notes tab under each course.

Zoho Mail’s Email Admins

All email admins will have useful widgets like user count and storage on their Lock Screen. Additionally, Zoho has included comprehensive reports to the iOS app, which can be pinned as widgets for a quick look.

Zoho WorkDrive: Easier Work and File Sharing

With Live Text you can now copy text from PDFs, screenshots, and images, and use them on the go. Save notes, access websites, send emails, and make calls, by extracting information from images and other files from your iPhone.

Improve your file-sharing experience with the App Clip for Zoho WorkDrive. Let your clients and stakeholders preview files immediately and enjoy the rich user experience like a native mobile app.

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