Re-imagine the Sales Funnel


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Things change fast… and with the advent of mobile access to information our audiences and potential customers can easily choose our competition instead of us at the click of a link.

That’s why we at InterConnecta always suggest at looking at the “sales funnel” as a cycle in which Retention, Referral, and Repurchase are just as important as Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation.

The traditional sales funnel is represented as: Awareness → Interest → Consideration→ Conversion. In contrast, we should focus on a model that more closely resembles the entire customer journey, where the stages that follow Conversion are weighted equally to those that come before. The customer life cycle is actually something more universal, where Repurchase leads back to Experience, which leads again to Retention and Referral, which leads to Repurchase, and so on. And the longer the cycle perpetuates itself, the greater the customer’s lifetime value.

The success of our customer engagements at InterConnecta rely on proving increases and sales pipline and clear ROMI reporting. We have found that many times our customers marketing team is missing out on when they consider their job done at the “conversion” stage. Its amazing how many customers are lost because their post-purchase experience fails to recognize them as existing customers? This is particularly important as businesses shift from transactional to subscription models—

Talk to us about your Sales Funnel; what are some of the specific sales stages unique to your industry?

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