ServiceSPAN is a software company that has been providing solutions that create efficiencies in manual work centers for more than 25 years.

"These talented professionals are leaders in their field, effective at determining what needs to be done, and execute stunningly well on our project."

Daniel Corcoran, CEO

The Challenge

  • ServiceSPAN required a Zoho CRM optimization to use the systems full potential. Their previous sales process did not include the CRM and as a result, users were only using it for contact management.
  • Redefinition of marketing initiatives and sales collateral strategy including website optimization, social media implementation, and content creation.
  • Improve lead generation and qualification to setup appointments for ServiceSPAN's sales team.

The Solution

  • Optimization of Zoho CRM and integration with email marketing campaigns for a deeper insight into how ServiceSPAN's leads react to each campaign. Creation of a lead conversion process including setting up the Opportunities and Forecast modules.
  • InterConnecta provided a lead generation team to align the sales objectives with the lead generation strategy and generate more appointments for ServiceSPAN’s sales team.
  • Sales collateral strategy included website optimization, creation of brochures and case studies, and creation of main social media accounts including content distribution campaigns via Zoho Social.
  • Implementation of Zoho Campaigns for massive email distribution. Campaigns was integrated with Zoho CRM to acquire real-time visibility of “clicks and opens”.
  • Creation of customized online reports to provide insights into the different marketing activities.

The Results

  • Implemented automated drip email marketing campaigns for the CRM database.
  • Better lead nurturing and tracking of sales opportunities.
  • Increased website positioning on web search engines.
  • Reduction of bounce rate by 50% by improving traffic sources.