Inter-American Development Bank


Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank is an international organization that provides financial and technical support to countries Latin America and the Caribbean fighting to reduce poverty and inequality. They are committed to conducting extensive research, as well as achieving the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

The InterConnecta team has shown outstanding attitude and all the necessary skills and abilities to manage and execute the project. They have shown a high degree of diligence and the ability to digest large volumes of information and find creative solutions to the many challenges that we presented to them.

Beatriz Rustiguel, Inter-American Development Bank

The Challenge

IADB was looking to integrate their existing mass e-mailing platform with Zoho CRM. The big challenge was to maintain a clean centralized database of subscribers for the different divisions of the bank and to maintain historical information of all email communications sent from each one of the division. They also wanted to keep record of the different interests registered by their audience and maintain a unified subscription preference page for all the different divisions. Finally, they wanted to share ownership of subscribers in order to maintain a clean database across the multiple divisions.

The Solution

InterConnecta was able to adapt Zoho CRM to meet IADB requirements. These tasks included the creation of custom module, advanced workflows and custom functions in order to centralize the database of subscriptions to the different interests among all the divisions. Additionally, we were able to connect their existing mass emailing platform with Zoho CRM using API methods. This allowed them to centralize historical email communication to the list of subscribers within Zoho CRM.

Also. complex data sharing rules were implemented in order to provide visibility and ownership to the different heads of the division, without limiting the ability to edit and change subscribers information.

In order to avoid duplicate records, InterConnecta implemented a custom development that allowed the audience to register to IADB´s database from multiple ends without creating additional records.

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