Fluke Networks


Fluke Networks

Identify Network Management & Data Center management professionals in 5 US regions. Profile their current needs regarding Network and Application management.

The Challenge

The focus was to target 5,000 customers (between the USA and Canada) provided by Fluke Networks. The primary objective of the OneTouch Trade-Up Program is to contact Fluke Networks customers that currently own OneTouch, Etherscope or NetTool devices in order to gather their interest in trading up their existing device with the new OneTouch AT. All interested customers will get up to $3,500 value in upgrades. All interested customers were connected with a local Fluke Networks’ Authorized Distributor via their corresponding RDSM in real time.

The Solution

InterConnecta contacted Fluke Networks’ customers in the USA and Canada in order to identify their interest in trading up their existing tools. All data was loaded / entered into InterConnecta’s CRM specially created for this program. Distribution of leads and opportunities were provided in real time to the corresponding RDSM according to the region; along with real time status reporting made available via the CRM.

The Results

132 companies became classified as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Appointments passed to Sales including companies such as Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis, Microchip Technology Inc, Texas A&M University, among others, which are currently being followed up on by the Fluke Networks Authorized Distributors.

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