Based in Sunnyvale, California, AirMagnet is a Wi-Fi wireless network assurance company. They build and sell wireless site survey tools, laptop analyzers, network management and troubleshooting solutions, wireless intrusion detection systems (WIDS), among other products.

The Challenge

Minimum Goal Metrics of the program:
  • MQL - Pipeline Development Goal: $3,000,000.00
  • Average Deal Size: $150,000.00
  • Sales Average Close Win Ratio: 30%
  • MQL to Opportunity: 40%
  • MQL to Sales Accepted Lead: 50%
  • Lead Generation to MQL: 4%
  • Marketing Response Rate: 2.25%
Requirements/Metrics to meet goals:
  • Sales must win: 20 deals
  • MQL to pipeline: 67 converted to opportunity
  • MQL to SAL: 167 leads accepted by sales
  • Database Size Requirements: 5,000 + verified Datacenter contacts

The Solution

  • InterConnecta delivered a comprehensive Lead Development program to support the AirMagnet sales organization. It also supplied 2 full-time Sales Development Representatives providing proactive outbound calling sales services focused on AirMagnet's selected account criteria and focus on the Datacenter marketplace in order to generate qualified profiled records along with development of embedded contacts and determination of actionable sales activities for AirMagnet Networks field sales team.
  • InterConnecta utilized outbound telephone based interviews at the accounts to introduce AirMagnet, Datacenter Wi-Fi testing tools, performance management, and troubleshooting.

The Results

New accounts nearly tripled!

  • 130 Total New Accounts/Opportunities
Lead Status
  • 130 Appointments Scheduled
  • 56 Qualified Passed to Sales
  • 74 Appointments Scheduled
  • Average: 10.4 new accounts/appointments per month delivered
  • 15+ Warms
Lead Source
  • 31 Partner (AirMagnet HIMSS)
  • 46 Referral (InterConnecta tele-efforts)
  • 53 Marketing Campaign (InterConnecta Source)
  • Over 75% of all new accounts/appointments were sourced via InterConnecta internal database