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Stop Sacrificing CRM Usability for Your Sales Process!

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  The more your company grows, the more complex your sales process becomes. When configuring a CRM to fit your process, this complexity becomes overwhelmingly evident. The usability of a CRM tends to be the first sacrifice made when attempting to account for every sales action and task in a sales cycle. Though it may  Read more

Mapping Out the Sales Stages

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Mapping out the sales stages is much more important than the search for a repeatable customer acquisition model and the search for product/market fit.  Now, the sales process should start with a discovery call, here’s an example of the stages in a sales process: Discovery Demo Trial Negotiation Won / Lost There’s a balance with having the stages  Read more

Customer Discovery as Pre-Selling


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There’s an old saying that if you want to raise money from investors, go to them asking for advice. There’s a similar element in customer discovery where the more time spent with potential customers to get their input, the more likely they are to buy in the future. Put another way, customer discovery is one of  Read more