Top 10 Cloud-Based Myths


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Last week we compared a few differences to consider between Cloud based vs On-Premise software solutions. Over the weekend I read an article that predicted cloud storage revenue to grow more than 28% annually to reach $65 billion in 2020.  The driving force behind this growth is the ability for cloud-based solutions to deliver a  Read more

The Roles of CMO and CIO

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Steve Mann on the CMO role According to Steve, CMOs “sit at the intersection of creativity and strategy.” Steve says he partners with the CEO to translate his company’s vision into marketing strategies that deliver revenue and customer satisfaction: The CEO’s strategy comes to life in the various strategies and channels the CMO uses to  Read more

The Emergence of South American Startups

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The South American entrepreneurial community is no longer a small band of companies vying for attention. Instead, it is a full-fledged movement with an ecosystem that is creating new connections for the economies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the rest of the world. These entrepreneurs represent a movement now. They are the “TechnoLatinas,” and their  Read more

Outsourcing Telemarketing Services

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A lot has already been said about the benefits of business to business telemarketing, but companies are often confused whether to establish their own telemarketing call center or outsource to a telemarketing company. To give you a side by side comparison, here are the pros and cons of both in-house and outsourced telemarketers. In-house professional  Read more

5 Keys For Startup Succees

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By: Janine Popick There’s nothing more exhilarating than having a great idea for a business and running with it. But before you start sprinting, there are a few essential things that need to be in place. Here are five – coincidentally, they all start with the letter “c” – that every start-up needs in order to  Read more

Advice From IBM: Work Together or Become Irrelevant

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Contributor:  Mark Fidelman  – Few skilled positions, if any, are further apart than the CMO and CIO. The former is known for being creative and extroverted, the latter technical and introverted.  Yet an IBM 2012 State of Marketing Survey concluded that this unlikely couple must learn to work together or their organization risks becoming less competitive. In  Read more

Information Technology Spending to Hit $3.6 Trillion in 2012

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By QUENTIN HARDY  – Fueled by an accelerating move to cloud computing, and by a boom in associated telecommunications services, worldwide information technology spending is increasing somewhat faster than expected, according to industry analysts at Gartner. Over all, people will spend $3.6 trillion on information technology in 2012, the research firm said. This represents a 3  Read more