Optimize B2B Ad Spend with Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook

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  B2B marketing is in the middle of a massive shift, driven by customers who are searching for products across numerous digital channels and are engaging with companies only when they’re ready to buy. In this new reality, Facebook has become an influential B2B digital advertising channel, playing a crucial role in driving both brand  Read more

Obama Calls on Tech Industry at SXSW


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AUSTIN — President Obama called on the tech industry Friday to help solve some of Washington’s thorniest problems — from upgrading outdated federal networks to connecting rural classrooms to resolving the national privacy vs. security debate sparked by the current legal battle between Apple and the FBI.

Forrester’s top 15 Emerging Technologies

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Analyst Bryan Hopkins gave us a peek into what Forrester thinks is next, and much of it builds on those four horseman of disruptive change. “We went a level deeper in our research by examining how today’s hot technolog[ies] create platforms for future disruption,” he wrote this morning in a blog post. Here they are, in  Read more