When a Competitor Raises Money


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Early today an entrepreneur shared with me how he was super worried that a competitor just raised $2 million. Being a bootstrapped startup still trying to find product/market fit, he felt that the competitor was going to build a large team and capture the market before he gets enough traction to become a player. Hmm, I  Read more

Buying a Company Just for Lead Generation


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  Two years ago Vonage bought Vocalocity for $130 million to expand into VoIP for businesses. When talking to the founders of Vocalocity several years prior to the exit, I learned that their primary driver of growth in the early years was helping third-party VoIP lead generation sites get better at generating leads, which in turn resulted in  Read more

Planning for 2016


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Earlier today I was talking to an entrepreneur and the topic of planning for 2016 came up and he lamented that he hasn’t gotten around to it yet. While many mid-to-large companies are already deep into their 2016 planning, most early stage entrepreneurs I know haven’t done it yet. Well, now’s the time to get  Read more

Customer Acquisition is Harder than Product Development


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  Most entrepreneurs come up with an idea for a product and focus on building a prototype. Only, in the software world, it’s become progressively easier to build a decent product and, as an entrepreneur, it’s fun to iterate on the features. Now, there’s so much “progress” on the product that entrepreneurs continue to focus their  Read more

Interconnecta is Featured in LISA Awards for Excellence in Software Solutions

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Garden City, New York – October 8, 2015 – Long Island Software Awards (LISA) is the biggest Technology Event of the year in Long Island. The event honors Long Island Technology executives, the people that run the companies and organizations that make Long Island one of the leaders in Technology. It’s the Long Island Tech  Read more

7 Things That Make Great Entrepenours Tick

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Posted By:  ~  Steve Tobak All the greats–Mayer, Page, Zuckerberg–have these things in common, and this list is what makes them better than all the rest. Silicon Valley has gazillions of successful entrepreneurs and brilliant innovators. You can’t walk down the street in Palo Alto or Mt. View without bumping into two or three top  Read more

Blueseed: New Startup Could Sail Past Immigration Law

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A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is trying to make it easier for its foreign counterparts to make and maintain business connections through an innovative end-run around U.S. immigration law: Putting them up for months at a time in a floating “Googleplex” that anchors in international waters — but is close enough for them to  Read more

The Rise of Entrepreneurship on College Campuses

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By:  DIANA RANSOM  ~ You could blame it on the economy or Mark Zuckerberg, but one thing’s for sure: Entrepreneurship is taking college campuses by storm. Currently, two thirds, or more than 2,000, U.S. colleges and universities now offer a course in entrepreneurship, according to the Kauffman Foundation. It’s a response to the intense demand  Read more

8 Reasons Startups With Good Ideas Fail

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Ilya Pozin, Contributor  ~ Most startups fail. Having a good idea isn’t always enough to be successful. I’ve personally been behind the build and marketing of over 2,000 websites for clients, serve as a mentor for StartEngine, a startup accelerator, and have founded several companies of my own, including Ciplex. My experience has allowed me get a  Read more

Labor Intensive Efforts are Fine for Startups

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By:  David Cummings  ~ One area I find entrepreneurs constantly talking about, especially tech savvy entrepreneurs, is that of automating everything and having a “touchless” process whereby humans aren’t involved. A common example of this is having a web app with a self-service sign up and provisioning process complete with payment processing via credit card.  Read more