This Is How Social Media (Really) Works in the Trenches


Instagram has been growing very fast, this past June there were 500 million active users and it will keep going. In between likes and followings, there are a lot of famous accounts that had increased the number of people following them, but how they made it possible?

Daniel Dipiazza, is a good example. He has posted some information on how he gain 100,000 followers in less than six months and what he has done in long and short terms to improve his business. He used influencers to spread the word about his product and of course he spend a considerable amount of money but he highlights the importance of the first step: the idea and that its possible to overcome the lack of investment. How?

Here are three basic rules to optimize your Instagram profile:

1) Type of message:

Some people are better at writing, others at drawing, thats why you should choose the type of messaging that works for you. Theres always a new way of expressing ideas, feelings or just info but the key is choosing the type of post that works for each one.

2) Quality and quantity contents:

Its very important to have a lot of content if you want to stand out of the crowd. You are competing so, you have to create high quality content. You should have in mind aesthetics and trends. A tip is to work with more than one social media, so you can increase the impact. 

3) Be real:

Do not automate your posts, you should try to have a close relation with your followers. You can comment back or answer their doubts. As Daniel says “When you actually respond to people, you’ll build loyalty over time that’s unshakeable”.

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