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With so many startups reaching out and asking for help as they implement an inside sales team based on SalesLoft and thePredictable Revenue book, it’s a good time to highlight a few posts and notes for entrepreneurs. Building a successful inside sales team isn’t easy, but there are a number of proven strategies and tactics.

Here are a few sales resources for startups:

–  Notes on Predictable Revenue

–  Building a Sales Playbook

–  The First 30 Days for a New Sales Rep

–  4 Best Sales Books for Entrepreneurs

–  Notes from Jack Daly Sales Training

–  Always Hiring Sales Reps

–  Modeling Sales Rep Ramp

–  Startups Should Resist the VP of Sales Hiring Temptation

–  When to Start Scaling the Sales Team

To start, most entrepreneurs should hire a sales assistant to get going and then expand from there. Sales and sales teams are the lifeblood of many startups, yet take time to understand and scale.

What else? What are some other sales resources for startups?


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