InterConnecta: One Of The Most Promising New York Startups of 2014


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newyork_blogThe Founder Institute, the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, has helped create more than 80 new technology companies from its New York chapter in just over 5 years. Since its launch in 2009, FI has contributed greatly to the local startup ecosystem while providing mentorship from some of the top entrepreneurs in the technology industry.

Applications are currently open for the Spring 2015 semester of the New York Founder Institute.

While all of the New York Founder Institute graduates are exceptional, there are a few who stood out in 2014. The graduates featured below have all achieved significant milestones in the past year, building meaningful and enduring technology companies aimed at improving the lives of people all over the world.






by Zubin Wadia
CiviGuard is a reliable real-time service that lets organizations keep their people safe and connected after a disruption to operations. Since launching, they’ve been featured on several top media channels, including Entrepreneur and National Defense Magazine.






by Angelique Mercurio
EnerKnol provides U.S. energy policy research and data services to support businesses make investment decisions across the $1.2 trillion energy and commodities market. The company received an undisclosed seed round in November 2014.







by Luis Gonzalez & Alin Suarez
InterConnecta is a platform that provides IT product and services organizations with a way to calculate costs, plan, contract freelance sales and marketing professionals in real time. The company also has the distinction of joining the first cohort of the LI Tech COMETS accelerator program, dedicated to nurturing local early-stage companies.







by William Sacks & Katherine Bicknell
Kindara is a fertility tracker app that has already provided thousands of women with the resources to confidently navigate their personal reproductive needs. Last November, Kindara raised $1.25M in funding from numerous investors.







by Eric Duffy
Pathgather is a marketplace for online education that helps you discover and choose the right online courses for you. The company raised an impressive $1.5M last December.






by Edward Kim
SimpleReach provides content creators with universal measurement and optimized distribution for all their content campaigns. They raised $9 million in Series A funding last July.






by David Kraljic
Votetocracy is a 360 degree feedback platform that measures America’s sentiment towards bills in Congress and legislators’ effectiveness in representing their constituents. Since launching, the company has been featured on major media channels like PBS and Bustle.






by Jacob Howerton
Zipmark is the safest, easiest and fastest way for any business to collect payments from their customer, or make payments to partners and suppliers. Last November, Zipmark acquired WorkingPoint, a leading accounting and billing solution.



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