The Importance of Retail Photography Marketing

By Martelle Johnson, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

Pretty photos with the “religious” content to just sale has been surpassed by snapping outside the norm of “A picture is worth a 1000 words.”

Effective photography in a retail setting can have a number of benefits.

I’ve personally noticed Wal-Mart and their content photographers have appealed to the, “My eyes have overloaded my stomach” phrase. Not only are photographers snapping photos on a larger scale by enlarging your need or desire with super sizing a Cheerio box, or the oozing chocolate cake, but appealing with Life-size cut outs that appeal to the human nature and the main focus with a strong desire to persuade.

Photography Marketing is not just about just showcasing a 3 tier cake for a wedding setting, or advertising soda and ice cubes on a hot day.

Photography is about selling a dream with producing reality in a fictitious mind. Meaning overly exaggerating to persuade and appeal to your hunger nature of desire or your “Just gotta’-have-it”, we call need. Post-photography work and image manipulation crossed with Photo-shop can instantly cure the unsightly, produce a dull something glossier, a smaller to larger and a darker to lighter. Photography Marketing speaks volume and instantly whisk your maybe to a definite, yes!

Now you want Espresso!

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