5 Ways to Keep Email Marketing Lists Clean and Minty Fresh

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Database decay could be eating a hole in your email marketing abilities, says recent research from Marketing Sherpa. Analysts estimate that B2B email databases naturally degrade by more than 22% annually, prompting integrated marketers to find new ways of filling in the gaps.

Why Do They Leave?
Subscribers stop responding for a variety of reasons, including changing companies and abandoning old addresses. The marketer’s job, of course, is to stem attrition by continually refreshing email marketing lists.

Here are 5 things to consider:

Build Through Email Outreach. Make pass-alongs easy through prominent social sharing and ‘Email a Friend’ buttons. Toward the bottom of your email include a simple ‘Subscribe Now’ to increase opt-in rates among forwarded-mail recipients.

Build With Social Media. If you don’t have a free Ebook, case study or whitepaper, create one (along with an accompanying landing and/or thank-you page) and offer it on Twitter in exchange for an email address.

In similar fashion, you can also promote offers on your Facebook Timeline. To encourage even greater distribution, be sure to add social sharing buttons to landing and thank-you pages. Have a YouTube channel? Add CTAs and URLs to videos that encourage opt-in subscriptions. Integrate relevant landing page links within the video text descriptions.

Build Through Your Website. Make on-page subscription options easy to see and access. Keep offers front an
d center and include a CTA on your most important pages, such as Home, About Us, Blog main page, and, of course, Contact.

Build By Way of Traditional Marketing. Collecting email addresses at tradeshows, meetups, open houses and other offline events is a great way to supplement online data collection. Just remember to welcome them aboard via email and confirm them when they opt-in. Another way to gather in new addresses is through direct mail. Offer a QR code they can scan to sign up and opt-in.

Build by Buying a List. Avoid it like the plague, cautions Hubspot in this post, which lists five key reasons why buying email lists is always a bad idea.

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Posted on Marketing Tango, August 2015 

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