5 Businesses You Never Thought Would Use a CRM


Every business, no matter the industry, eventually needs a CRM. As a company that has been in the CRM space for a decade now, we are always pleasantly surprised when customers from across various verticals tell us how our system works for them. It inspires us to create a product that is so flexible and customizable, that it fits everybody’s needs. That’s why we believe in#CRMforAll

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 unique companies that use Zoho CRM:


1.  A Private Jet Company: JetHub is a worldwide, on-demand charter service that offers private flights to more than 7,000 airports in the United States and abroad. The company utilizes the best aircraft operators, giving its clients access to the private jets they desire. It needed a better way to manage its customer information and that’s where Zoho CRM came into the picture. “We now have complete visibility of our clients and client interactions, and also an easy way to follow up on the leads we get from our website,” says Kevin Lippert, President of JetHub.

2.  A Life Sciences Company: Proteomics Consult is a consulting company founded by Philippe Bogard to help develop modern Life Science and bio-informatics solutions. Bogard’s first real experience managing contacts was with Microsoft CRM … but not for long. Unlike the headache he had with Microsoft CRM, it took Philippe only two hours to import all his Microsoft Access contacts into Zoho CRM. He now has a better view of what’s going on with his business.


Roofing Company: London based County Flat Roofing installs complete roofing systems for domestic customers as well as commercial contracts. They moved all their data to Zoho CRM in April 2011. They have a growth rate of about 20-25% a year and Zoho’s been a massive part in managing and growing their business.

Pillow Company: Meet Deborah Main, the Pillow Goddess from Austin, Texas. Deborah Main Designs, specializes in handcrafted luxury pillows. She works with retailers, interior design clients and individual customers and attends trade shows across the country. Deborah obviously has an enormous amount of follow ups to do. Enter, Zoho CRM.



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