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Stop Sacrificing CRM Usability for Your Sales Process!

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  The more your company grows, the more complex your sales process becomes. When configuring a CRM to fit your process, this complexity becomes overwhelmingly evident. The usability of a CRM tends to be the first sacrifice made when attempting to account for every sales action and task in a sales cycle. Though it may  Read more

Convert social chatter into actionable leads

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  Customers these days can come from anywhere. According to a survey by DemandWave, social media is one of the better lead generation channels,accounting for about 55% of the business involved. Many potential customers navigate to an organization’s page on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While there, customers tag the business in posts, like their pages,and share posts where the business is mentioned. Because social media makes it easy for potential customers and  Read more

Take a smart step ahead

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  Zoho CRM makes it easy for customers to reach out across multiple channels, track the customer experience and get a single view of the customer. However, as the size of our customer’s businesses grow, it becomes difficult to reach their own prospects despite having more channels, processes and more SalesSignals; only super-human intelligence can deal with  Read more

Zoho Partners with LinkedIn to Bring Sales Navigator to Zoho CRM

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  Twenty-eight percent of sales reps and business development professionals are using social selling tools 3-5 hours per week, with over 20% spending 5-10 hours per week. So if you’re spending close to a quarter of your time using these tools, why switch between multiple screens? With LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for Zoho CRM, view all of your prospect’s professional information from  Read more

Announcing Zoho SalesInbox for Salesforce

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Salespeople’s daily lives revolve around two apps: email and CRM. They use email for communicating internally and, most importantly, with prospects and customers. They use CRM for tracking their pipeline, managing contact information, forecasting and prioritizing their activities. Since email and CRM are indispensable for every salesperson, doesn’t it make sense for both these tools to work together? It’s  Read more

SalesInbox: The new email plugin from Zoho for Salesforce

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Zoho SalesInbox uses customer data in Salesforce Sales Cloud to automatically prioritize customer conversations Image: Zoho SalesInbox Enterprise software company, Zoho, has launched Zoho SalesInbox, an email plugin for Salesforce, designed for salespeople that works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail and other standard email services. SalesInbox uses customer data in Salesforce Sales Cloud to automatically prioritize  Read more

Why Your CRM Should be Fully Integrated?

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Having a good CRM system means it should include all costumer lifecycle, form end to end. It should be the hub of all costumer activity across all platforms and channels: project and inventory management, survey responses, email, telephony, etc. Using  one or more external applications can “bring about a downright tsunami”. Centralizing all the information of  Read more

What’s in Your Sales Stack?


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SMB teams are finally able to leverage the same level of technology as large enterprise sized company’s. Amazing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sales apps are coming to market at a rapid pace and they’re affordable. These focused apps are leveling the playing field between the enterprise sales engines and the little startup, and unlike your traditional sales  Read more