March 14, 2018

Announcing Zoho CRM 2018: Get Ready To Sell Smarter, Better, Faster.

Introducing Zia Voice

The first conversational AI for sales teams

An interactive CRM is all you need to make your business smarter. The first conversational AI for sales teams, Zia Voice lets you talk to your CRM through voice or chat. Get access to CRM information that’s timely, contextual, and available, right when you need it.


The Even Smarter Zia

An assistant you can always count on

An assistant is someone you can always count on. Your CRM assistant should be no different. Zia can now predict your lead or deal closures, read email sentiments, and alert you to use the best time to contact a prospect, which she has suggested. What’s smarter? She also intelligently analyzes the performance of your workflow automation, provides a dashboard that has intelligent components, helps you map your current trends as compared to expected results, along with auto-populating lead information in your CRM, so you spend less time on data entry.

Blueprint: Sell On Time. Every Time

With SLA and Checklist enhancements

Time is money, especially when you’re making a sale. Blueprint in Zoho CRM helps you build and automate your sales process just like you designed it. Blueprint’s newest functionality? The ability to mark all tasks complete before salespeople move to the next stage along with specifying the time a record should be in a particular state for.



A smarter dashboard for your business

Zoho CRM’s user dashboard gets a brand new interface, with the addition of 5 new analytical widgets that will redefine how sales teams draw business insights. Get your own customizable dashboard that will help you track sales metrics and visualize key performance indicators. Stay on top of sales trends by detecting anomalies in your sales cycle, or compare peer-to-peer performance or deal closure cycles with the help of the Spot Comparator.



A true self-service platform for CRM

Keep your sales team close, and your customers closer. With access to all past purchases, cases, and invoices, Portals allows your customers, vendors, and partners to make more informed buying decisions.



A hyper-customization platform for businesses of all types

One of our biggest releases this year for Developers, CRM administrators, and IT implementors. Catalyst, a hyper-customization platform, allows you to build custom applications on your CRM platform and replicate your unique business needs and processes.



Paint your own CRM view

Your traditional data arrangement with CRM gets a twist. Customize the List View of your Zoho CRM account with the industry’s first-of-its-kind view. Add images for easy identification, use custom buttons to create fields of your choice, and get your view completely customized based on your business needs.



View related CRM data from a single place

Simplify the way you view CRM information with Subforms in Zoho CRM. View the entire order history of a single customer, in one single place.



Make CRM speak the language you do

With Translations, your CRM information is available to your team in the language they’re most comfortable with, keeping that local flavor of every business intact.


Validation Rules

Ensure the right data flows into your CRM

Frame different rules for different modules and fields, along with error messages that should show up when invalid data tries to enter your CRM.


Data Encryption

Your data is safe with us

Zoho CRM uses one of the strongest encryption standards, AES-256, to encrypt your data. This means your data is protected from outside access, and can be read only if decrypted. By encrypting your data that’s stored in Zoho CRM, we prevent any possible security leaks or breaches to your data.


Zoho Meeting And GoToMeeting

For effective virtual meetings

Set up web conferences to follow up with clients inside CRM. Every new event, or meeting, contains a details page in Zoho CRM, where your team can access the audio-video recording of the conference and relevant documents shared during the meeting.


Note: These features will be rolled out in a phased manner.

Via Zoho CRM.