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The Effect Of HubSpot’s CRM Launch On Salesforce

Posted by Serge Salager on TechCrunch Editor’s note: Serge Salager was formerly CEO of OneMove Technologies and a marketing manager at Affinnova and Procter & Gamble.   After several years of relatively stagnant waters, what was a dull CRM landscape dominated by one player is heating up dramatically. Salesforce officially put its $3.5 billion market  Read more

Is Zoho the future of enterprise software?

Posted by Leslie D’Monte on Live Mint After keeping a low profile for 18 years, this Indian software products company courts visibility with an ad campaign themed ‘Made in India, Made for the World’ Developers at Zoho’s office in Ramapuram, Chennai. Zoho has around 2,600 employees, of which about 96% are based in India. Chennai/Mumbai:  Read more

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