Connecting your IT business to its opportunities.

  • More sales for B2B focused companies

    The title says it all. That's what InterConnecta does. Whether your company is a global giant or merely a twinkle in a programmer's eye, we want to help you get more sales. We've got the intelligence to analyze your market, the expertise to design a killer sales program, and the people to make it happen.

    All that's missing is you.

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  • How well do you know your potential customers?

    No matter how well you think you know them, you could always know them better. InterConnecta's account profiling programs dive deep, ferreting out potential opportunities inside prospect accounts and anticipating their upcoming needs. The result is a deep understanding of your best prospective customer that maximizes the rewards to both parties, and also makes you look like a hero.

    And that's good for business.

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  • Zen

    Transparency creates trust, and trust creates peace of mind. When our team is working on your project, the process is totally transparent - you can see what's going on every step of the way. More importantly, you can see who's working for you.

    With InterConnecta, there are no mysteries. The market has enough of those on its own.

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Our Services at a Glance

Lead Generation

At Interconnecta, we help clients across a wide range of Technology sectors, be they established global players, mid-sized high growth entities or VC funded start-ups. We provide the full range of support from identifying and assessing opportunities and strategies to drive top line growth.

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InterConnecta will work with you to create a one-to-one marketing strategy. We offer e-marketing services to help set up strategic programs and technologies that best facilitate your business's online marketing objectives. We will execute the plan in strategic phases that can easily integrate within your existing marketing budget

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CRM Reporting

CRM lets your sales reps work smarter. With better information at their finger tips and best practices codified into your business policies, you can optimize your sales strategy and maximize revenue.

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Account Profiling

Irrespective of the specific sub-sector, critical business challenges remain from managing the complexity of developments such as virtualization, SaaS and cloud computing, to more traditional business aspects such as cost management, risk mitigation, driving business growth. Profile and identify your Key Accounts true pains.

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Virtual Teams

InterConnecta strives to provide access to the best independent sales and marketing talent with a proven track record and focus on technology. We start by assigning our own internal experts to start work on the campaign and identify the requirements and talent for the project ahead.

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We Are Proud To Announce Our Upcoming Application Launch

Outsourcing is the future of sales. It allows for highly effective campaigns that often cut customer acquisition costs in half, or more.

InterConnecta has team members with extensive experience that specialize in IT sales. In short, we've got the people you need, we'll get you the results you need, and we'll do it without any unnecessary expenses. The upside is unlimited.

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Free & Paid Plans Available

Contractor Overview

Campaign Overview

Features Overview

A quick overview of all of our features

  • Comprehensive Support / Program Management

    We are a total solution. We will ensure that your projects stay on (or ahead of) schedule and on (or under) budget, managing every aspect of the work. We also provide dedicated account managers and phone, chat, and email support for each one of a client's team members, so you're never left without an answer to your questions.

  • Teams On Demand

    Working with InterConnecta is just like having your own on-demand in-house team (without the high cost and without any of the headaches). Using our virtual teams provides you with extraordinary flexibility, as we can work on small, one-off tasks or lengthy campaigns to meet your exact needs. You can browse our team members and select the exact talent you want, or you can dump the whole project in our laps and we'll run with it. It's up to you.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Our custom-tailored CRM and automated marketing solutions are controlled by a user-friendly interface, so you can have as much control over the program as you like. And, with our reporting and analytics, you'll know just what to do with all that wonderful control. Expressed mathematically: Knowledge + Power = Really Good Results.

  • Project Scope & Planning Tools

    These tools let you figure out how long a project will take and what it will cost. Questions are good, but erasing them is even better.

  • Spreading the Word

    Whatever you need to say, we'll figure out how and where to say it. Our specialties include persuasive email marketing and engaging social media management.

  • Manager Tools

    For the big boss, InterConnecta provides top-level tools and ground-level information that enable effective management of a project from start to finish.

Our Clients

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