Frugal Marketing : How SMEs can use social media for sales

Having a strong social media presence and fostering an active community of followers is imperative for sustainable success. However, one does not achieve fame overnight; businesses must work hard, sponsor content, and use advertisements to accumulate followers during their first few days. From there, they stay relevant by posting quality material, hosting events, and sharing […]

Algorithms, Data, and New Workflows: Three Key Concepts Behind AI and Your Future Success

We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where one of the main driving factors is artificial intelligence (AI). AI will unleash another step-change increase in productivity and reshape our workforce, similar to the industrial revolution. In one estimate, Accenture forecasts that AI could double the economic growth rates of 12 major countries […]

6 Practical Ways to Improve Sales By Automating Your CRM Workflows

This is a guest post by Neha Batra, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Ozonetel Communications. The question: Why automate? The answer: To maximize results and minimize effort. Is there scope for such effective automation within your sales team? Yes, there is. This article outlines six tried and tested ideas for automation that are guaranteed […]