BD Callers / Appt Setting

A wider net is not enough

Casting out emails and mass outbound calling wont cut it nowadays. Decision makers need a meaningful dialog with a professional they can relate to on a peer to peer level.

InterConnecta callers have an average of 10+ years of experience conversing with company executives. We conduct in depth phone interviews with your prospective buyers to enable you to identify immediate sales opportunities.

InterConnecta’s unique B2B prospecting process provides actionable leads for sales. Leads and prospects are contacted by our Sales Analysts, who gather the most relevant information and create a more insightful relationship between your company and your future business customers.

Beyond Appointment Setting

Lead Follow Up

Great projects are carved with great tools. We apply technology such as CRM task follow-ups to help you maximize the utility of the leads we provide.

Strategic Approach

Our SLD allowed us to set a strategic framework to help your pipeline grow and increase your sales opportunities.

A Choreography

We are the connection between your marketing and sales teams, unifying your organization's marketing and sales efforts so your sales force does not waste their valuable time.

Executive Summary

Sales Lead Development Program

For Fluke Networks

View a summary of the results presented after the completion of a Sales Lead Development program.

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