Partner Relationship Management

Share and work on deals together with your partners and resellers via InterConnecta's cloud PRM platform.

Specially designed to integrate with and Zoho CRM while reducing your overall license costs.

A simple and secure solution that allows outside users to feed data of interest to your existing CRM platform, and to access their own records. Simplify deal management and make things easier for your partners.

Whether its a sales partner, or contractor who needs to provide deal data, InterConnecta's PRM solution will allow you to continue running your process in your CRM without providing providing access to outsiders.


Our PRM application is designed to help your users feed and get records of your existing CRM without having to pay for a CRM License.


Every PRM is custom tailored to fit the needs of the user, allowing them to simply enter data and access their own records and provide you with the visibility you need directly in your CRM.

Average Savings

Make your users more efficient while saving thousands of dollars in license cost compared to what you would spend with existing and Zoho CRM platforms.


InterConnecta's PRM simplifies the way your users feed and access data from your CRM without a CRM license.

A Personalized Partner Portal

A cloud-based portal what will allow your users to connect from anywhere. Provide an experience that is an extension of your corporate website and that is consistent with your branding.

CRM Scanning

With real-time CRM synchronization, you can easily scan objects or modules of your CRM platform and create easy forms for your users to feed data in real time. Your users can also view, edit, and delete their own records directly from InterConnecta's PRM.

Workflows and Automation

Custom rules and workflows can be implemented to provide interaction between your InterConnecta´s PRM users and your CRM platform users.


Transform InterConnecta's PRM into your Over the counter Syste), your Smart Quoting System, your Jobs and Servicing platform, etc. Everything feeds into your CRM without licenses of your existing CRM platform.


Reporting PRM for a Non for Profit Organization in New York - USA


A non-for-profit organization with more than 1300 employees, currently running crucial processes in a cloud-based CRM Platform, needed to provide access to 103 employees to report financial information of their 86 programs to the existing CRM platform.

They also needed to be able to access their own records in order to make modifications and refer to previously submitted information in order to report on it.


By implementing InterConnecta´s PRM platform, they were able to feed and retrieve information in real time from their existing CRM platform without having to buy 103 additional licenses of their CRM Platform. They were able to save more than $150K in CRM licenses.

You can customize the PRM according to your business needs. Below are some example of how our customers are benefiting from our PRM platform.

Worldwide Partners - Internet Company in New York - USA


An Internet Company, with Data Centers in different regions of the world, currently tracking sales performance via a cloud-based CRM Platform, needs to automatically feed deals from their worldwide partners network to the CRM platform (currently a manual registration done by the inside sales team). They also needed a platform to track the commissions paid to the partners for every single deal provided.


InterConnecta's PRM platform was personalized and branded to become their Partner's portal, allowing partners to register leads, convert deals, track commissions, access marketing material and product documentation, and also allowing new partners to register. All connected to the CRM without having to pay for additional CRM license costs. Over 150 partners worldwide under 1 single platform.