Remote Solutions

From online software to remote support, we got you covered

Remote work and services have become essential to keep the ball rolling. We want to help you thrive by offering you our remote work implementation expertise.


CRMs to centralize sales intelligence.

See how InterConnecta helps integrate and adopt Zoho and Salesforce CRM technology.

CRM Support

Support & Maintenance Program for Zoho CRM & Salesforce Users

Whether you work with a few users in Zoho or run a large-scale CRM operation in Salesforce, we make a team of experts available to address CRM challenges whenever it's needed.


Today demands digital.

From taking a paper form online to automating entire operations...

We provide innovative, scalable, business solutions in the cloud and help you transition to it.


Custom App Development

Our software development teams have the expertise needed to create custom solutions from the ground up!


Inter-Connecting Partners and Resellers

Designed for clients of and Zoho CRM users

Share Deals and Leads between partners and resellers while reducing your CRM license costs via InterConnecta's cloud PRM platform.