InterConnecta Becomes a Zoho Premium Partner

Being a Zoho Premium Partner gives InterConnecta more resources that benefit both our company and our customers

We are beyond thrilled to announce that InterConnecta has taken another step forward in our partnership with Zoho by recently being named a Zoho Premium Partner.

Image via Zoho

Our history with Zoho goes back to 2008 when we started working with the India-based company for our Sales Lead Development projects. We quickly realized that Zoho CRM is a reliable and user-friendly CRM software that compares to other CRMs like Salesforce, which our customers had previously used.

In 2013, our relationship with Zoho formalized and we became a Zoho Authorized Partner for the North America region. Then, in 2014, with the opening of our offices in Lima, Perú, we expanded our Zoho offerings to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Because of our growing success in selling and implementing Zoho products to both existing and new customers, in 2019 Zoho named us a Zoho Advanced Partner, which was another milestone in our history.

One year later, in 2020, that milestone brought us to another one: becoming a Zoho Premium Partner. This new stage in our partnership gives us more resources that will benefit not only InterConnecta, but our customers as well. Our constant partnership evolution has been one of the key elements to our growth as a company and to the earned trust of our customers. All of this has led us to more new business.

We feel deeply honored of being chosen as a Zoho Premium Partner. This recognition also represents the ever-present challenge and commitment of continuing to give our best to our customers, which has always been our top priority and has taken us to where we are.

Thank you, Zoho!

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