Tudelü is an architecture and engineering company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of motorized fully retractable custom designed walls for the residential and commercial markets.

The Challenge

  • Difficult tracking of customer's requests coming from different source, and also, lack of follow up on quotes provided to customers .
  • Lack of integration between Sales and Manufacturing within their existing CRM platform
  • Unable to easily send invoices to customers and account statements directly from the CRM. Also, ability to collect payments online via online invoicing.

The Solution

  • A new quoting system was implemented for internal use. Also, an online quote systems was created, directly connected to the CRM, that allows customers to design and place a request for pricing directly from their website.
  • InterConnecta implemented a new process within the CRM in order to generate automatic notifications to the manufacturing team every time a new order was accepted by the customers.
  • A full Finance and Bookeeping solution was implemented in order to centralize customefinancial information. The solution was integrated with their existing CRM platform in order to provide unified visibility of all accounts.
  • An online payment solution was also integrated in order to allow customers to pay their invoices online.

The Results

  • Customers are able to customize their own Tudelu and send a request for pricing directly to the sales team within minutes. All requests and quotes are being tracked by the sales team via statuses assigned to the quotes.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of time collecting and increased cash flow by implementing online payment solution connected with the invoicing system.
  • The manufacturing team is now informed in real time whenever a customer has accepted a quote and they are able to monitor the status of the development within the CRM.

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