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Taurus Real Estate

Taurus is Peruvian a real estate company specializing in planning, design, execution, administration, and maintenance of beach real estate projects.

InterConnecta is the company that adapted the CRM to our needs. We knew a CRM could become a very powerful tool but still needed the most important step: adapting the platform to our needs, to our product and process. InterConnecta has been our right hand in this process. Since the first meeting, they were able to grasp our needs and transform the platform to address them.

Antonio Soto, Commercial Director

The Challenge

  • Obtain more control over sales efforts through accurate daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Automation of various tasks related to the real estate sector.

The Solution

  • Implementation of a cloud-based CRM platform to allow Sales Managers to obtain real-time reports.
  • From Lead to Deal closed, Taurus gets a streamlined sales process that’s easier to manage.

The Results

  • A streamlined sales process, plus the reduction of time spent creating reports and filling Excel sheets, dramatically increased their agent's productivity.
  • Automated dashboards and alerts allowed management to measure and compare salespeople performance.

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