Center for Corporate Education at Stony Brook University


Center for Corporate Education

at Stony Brook University

The Challenge

  • Greater visibility into lead generation and marketing outreach.
  • Create email marketing campaigns to promote courses and funding programs among CRM contacts.
  • Provide student and course management capabilities.

The Solution

  • Reformulation of student database structure.
  • Migration from a legacy in-house CRM system to an enterprise Zoho CRM system.
  • Creation of registration forms through landing pages that feed directly into Zoho CRM.
  • Addition of an automation layer to increase in-house control over outreach and course registration.
  • Implementation of a central platform for the Corporate Education Department to manage course demand.
  • Creation of a job posting platform and advanced template functions to create student certifications and CVs.

The Results

  • Real-time visibility and ROI reporting on classes and student enrollment.
  • Reports and dashboard capabilities via Zoho Reports to measure marketing initiatives.
  • Zoho CRM provided the Corporate Education Department a centralized database for student and course management.
  • Bi-directional email marketing campaigns via Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM integration.

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