Editorial Economía y Finanzas


Editorial Economía y Finanzas

Editorial Economía y Finanzas is a Peruvian publishing company specialized in the creation, edition, sales, and distribution of legal manuals related to tax, labor, corporate and foreign trade matters.

The Challenge

  • Obtain real-time visibility over the sales team activities relating new subscribers and subscription renewal.
  • Provide their sales force with an efficient customer and subscription renewal data management system.
  • Improve their mass email marketing efforts, which was based on excel sheets and manual follow-up calls by the Sales Team.

The Solution

  • Implementation of Zoho CRM Enterprise edition for the Sales department.
  • Creation of a commercial process for the sales team to create subscription sales opportunities and register their sales activities.
  • Creation of reports and dashboards to grant real-time visibility to the Administrative area for more effective decision making.
  • Integration of Zoho Campaigns with the Zoho CRM system to centralize their mass email marketing efforts with the CRM database.

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