Brook Green Supply


Brook Green Supply

Brook Green Supply is a British gas and electricity supplier for commercial and industrial business in the United Kingdom. Their goal is to provide their customers with tailored flexible products to ensure the best commercial terms for them.

The Challenge

  • Optimize their current Zoho CRM platform and connect it with Gentrack's Junifer system.
  • Integrate their Junifer quote generation process with Zoho CRM to pull existing quote information from Junifer to Zoho CRM.
  • Create a custom interface to manage their quote information and add notes to specific quotes. The information would be updated in Zoho CRM and associated to specific tenders and prospective customers.

The Solution

  • Creation of cross-module record relations for easier data localization.
  • Integration from Zoho CRM to Green Brook Supply’s current API/Web service platform.
  • Zoho CRM integration with CreditSafe, ECOES, and DES for the collection of necessary data for quotes to be generated in Junifer.
  • Integration with Junifer via BGS' Heroku platform using PHP coding.

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