With corporate offices in Massachusetts and other locations throughout the United States, Bridgeline offers digital solutions to their clients in marketing, contents, commerce, social media, and insights.

The Challenge

The primary objective of the pipeline development program provided by InterConnecta was to setup appointments that the Bridgeline Sales Team could convert into sales opportunities.

The Solution

InterConnecta provided two inside sales team members to work on the project during Q3 of the current fiscal year. The focus was to qualify inbound leads assigned to the team via

The Results

A total of 1972 companies were assigned to the InterConnecta team. The main sources of leads assigned are summarized as follows:

  • InterConnecta scheduled 67 appointments that turned into 28 opportunities, a 41% rate. They were assigned to the corresponding sales representative in real time via
  • We estimate a forecasted sales pipeline contribution of more than $1.5 million as a direct result of marketing campaigns follow-up.